Evan Glodell (BELLFLOWER, CHUCK HANK AND THE SAN DIEGO TWINS) is an absolute filmmaking enigma. Not only is Glodell a writer, director, producer, actor, editor, cinematographer, and visual effects artist… he even builds his own cameras! (Seriously, what did YOU do today?) Best of all, Glodell is a shining example of an artist who paved his own way through teaching himself and then doing it himself.

Listen closely as Adam, Joe, and Arwen dig into Evan’s process and his path through “Hollywood” so far as everything they’ve ever championed is all here! From Evan finding and forming his own “film family” (Coatwolf Productions), to being on the outside and not knowing exactly what to do next, to being told “no” to the point of almost throwing in the towel (wait until you hear how close the world came to never seeing BELLFLOWER!), to having his astonishingly impressive work celebrated at Sundance, to once again finding himself doing it all from the ground up all over again with his upcoming projects (including his next directorial effort CANARY). By the time these two hours are over you’ll be reaching for a camera (or building one of your own) and ready to take on the world… as hard as the journey may be.

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When Jordan Peele (GET OUT, KEY & PEELE, KEANU) last sat down with Adam, Joe, and Arwen he was about to embark on his feature film directorial debut. Well… 3 years, 160 episodes, and GET OUT’s record breaking 150+ million dollar take at the box office later … one might say that Jordan’s first time at bat was a home run. The first black filmmaker in history to have his debut feature pass the 100 million mark at the box office, Jordan’s unparalleled success is certainly an experience that you can find incredible inspiration from hearing about. The three filmmakers geek out hard and dive deep into Jordan’s process making the film, Jordan shares the incredibly touching reason why he wanted to come back on the podcast again, and listeners who support the show have their “Viewer Mail” answered and receive some “Hollywood Therapy” from Dr. Arwen in this fantastic episode with one of THE MOVIE CRYPT’s greatest and most favorite guests.

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Filmmaker John Landis (ANIMAL HOUSE, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, TRADING PLACES) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen for a fascinating discussion that brings The Movie Crypt podcast across the 200 episode mark in a huge, huge way.

An idol and mentor to both Green and Lynch, John Landis is one of the true icons of cinema and has literally worked in every single production position (except for hairstylist) at this point in his long, successful career. Listen as he delivers unforgettable anecdotes, shares incredible Hollywood stories, and explains why if you’re the type who wants to give up… then just maybe you should.

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Although this episode came way closer than you’ll ever know to being our LAST episode, we’re making one last stand before hanging up our microphones for good.

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In this revealing and definitely NSFW episode, special guest Lily Rains joins Suzy for a discussion on everything you never wanted to know about women’s bodily functions, so you never asked.

Filmmaker André Øvredal (TROLL HUNTER, THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen all the way from Norway to discuss his incredible career journey. From having his college thesis film get distributed (seriously, how often do you hear that?), to directing television commercials, to bringing giant trolls to life with 2010’s Norwegian blockbuster TROLL HUNTER, to working with acting greats Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch in his latest film THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (out next week!), André’s cinematic path has been one of Hollywood legend. And as you’ll hear in this conversation… he’s only just begun.

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Legendary actress Lin Shaye (INSIDIOUS, THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, KINGPIN) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to share her incredible career journey. Full of laughs, advice, tears, love, and inspiration… this conversation covers just about everything we could attempt to squeeze inside a 2-hour episode! Including behind the scenes tales from some of the most timeless films ever made, personal experiences with the great Jack Nicholson, the magical bond that Lin shares with the number “7”, an in-depth discussion about her latest film (Darren Lynn Bousman’s ABATTOIR – now playing in theaters and on VOD), and Lin’s personal thoughts on what “success” actually is.

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Producer Adrienne Biddle (THE MONSTER, MOCKINGBIRD, THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen for a fantastically candid discussion about her career journey. From being a young woman with no idea what exactly she wanted to be when she “grew up,” to attending several different schools before discovering her true calling, to paying her dues by working her way up the ranks as an executive at studios like Focus and Rogue on movies like THE HITCHER and THE UNBORN, and ultimately forming UNBROKEN PICTURES with writer/director Bryan Bertino (THE STRANGERS). Covering such sensitive topics as sexism in Hollywood to the divided reactions across the USA to the recent presidential election (this episode was recorded only 3 days afterwards), these 2+ hours contain one of the most honest and down to earth conversations you’ll hear all year and we’re confident that you’ll absolutely love Adrienne as much as we do.

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Filmmaker Emily Hagins (MY SUCKY TEEN ROMANCE, Netflix’s COIN HEIST) sits down with the boys to discuss her journey from 14 year old Austin filmmaker (seriously, she was just 14 when she made PATHOGEN – what did YOU do this week?) to taking the plunge out West into Hollywood and away from the comforts and local support of her home town.  One of the best examples you’ll ever hear of someone defying the odds simply by getting out there and doing it, Emily’s down to earth and extremely realistic attitude is sure to inspire you to finish that screenplay, gather up your friends, and start SHOOTING something immediately.

NOTE: Since the recording of this episode Netflix has moved the release date for Emily’s film COIN HEIST to January 6th.

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Critic and film producer Scott Weinberg (FOUND FOOTAGE 3D, Nerdist) joins Adam and Joe to discuss his career as an on-line film critic and his first foray into film producing with the phenomenal upcoming horror/comedy FOUND FOOTAGE 3D.  From the highs and lows that come along with having an opinion on-line, to surviving the ever changing landscape of writing for websites that can change ownership and directions overnight, to the art of writing critically and honestly vs coming off mean spirited towards a film, to stepping over the line into the role of filmmaker- there’s much to learn in these compelling and fun two hours including a special visit from former Movie Crypt guest Drew McWeeny who discusses the new MUST HEAR podcast that he and Scott do together and one that is sure to become another of your weekly favorites.

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Daddy Love Me is back with an all new power-charged episode.  We process one of the biggest things to happen in the last week. That’s right.  VANDERPUMP RULES IS BACK!!!  We deep dive on the new season but don’t worry we talk about what everyone has been talking about as well. That’s right, performance artist Marina Abramovic at the Getty Center!!!!  We also talk ALF, Prince, Real Housewives and so much more!!!!********

*******(we mainly talk about this messed up election in this episode)

Views expressed are exclusively those of the hosts and guests, and do not necessarily reflect those of GeekNation.

Adam and Arwen get animated as they talk comic books with the guys behind Source Point Press (HOLLISTON “Friendship Is Tragic”, MONSTROUS): Travis McIntire, Joshua Werner, and Stephen Sharar.  Find out what it takes to not just create, write, draw, and edit comic books- but to start your own publishing company from the ground up.  From traveling the endless convention circuit getting the word out, to the financial life gamble of putting everything you’ve got into starting your own endeavor, to the challenges of being your own boss, to practically giving away your work for free in the beginning… a life in comics is not as easy as these guys might make it look.  Including an extensive conversation about the making of HOLLISTON “Friendship Is Tragic” (available now in comic book stores or AUTOGRAPHED directly from www.ariescope.com) and how timing was everything in getting Adam to allow a newer company to produce an official HOLLISTON story after turning down so many other companies before them… things get real and colorful.  Think you have what it takes to make a living doing something you love?  Listen, learn, and go for it!

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Things get “strange” when Adam, Joe, and Arwen welcome writer C. Robert Cargill to sit down with them at the ArieScope studio and discuss his career from on-line critic (you likely know him as “Massawyrm” from AIN’T IT COOL NEWS) to screenwriter (SINISTER 1 & 2) to novelist (DREAMS AND SHADOWS) to co-writing his latest Hollywood blockbuster Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE which is currently playing in theaters everywhere.  As The Movie Crypt has proven time and time again, every artist’s journey is different and Cargill’s path is one of the best examples of destiny finding a way despite the difficult odds and the various hurdles.  Including stories from his AIN’T IT COOL days (there’s an amazing Kevin Smith story with a happy ending that you’ll love), opportunities that arose from Cargill being prepared at the right place and at the right time, and a discussion about what it’s like crossing the line with grace and respect when moving from one of “them” (a critic) to one of “us” (a filmmaker), Cargill brings the sincerity and honesty that make this program what it is from week to week and you are sure to gain some great insight behind the Hollywood curtain before the ending theme song rolls.

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We are back with an all-new episode. This is a huge episode where we not only uncover the mystery of Lindsay Lohan’s new accent, but we talk about sports, Real Housewives, Halloween, and the upcoming end of the world based on the results of next week’s election.

We welcome back to the podcast our main man on the soundboard Ryan P, and he horrify him with our new Garfield imitation we’ve been working on. Let’s just say it involved genitals and lasagna.

Please listen with the kids!

This week on “Why’s Everyone Looking At Me?” we sit down with our good friend Henry Truong. Henry has been a tour manager for over the past decade and has traveled the globe on corporate sponsored tours. We talk to him about his journeys on the road, what it takes to be a good tour manager, and what’s next for this marketing/management guru on this week’s #WELAM

As a Halloween treat Adam and Joe’s fan commentary series continues with one of their best ones yet as stars Bill Moseley and Sid Haig join them to watch THE DEVIL’S REJECTS (now playing on SHUDDER)!   Recorded at (almost) the very end of the boys’ 48-hour live marathon to benefit Save A Yorkie rescue last August… listen as “Otis” and “Captain Spaulding” bring behind the scenes stories and Adam, Joe, and Arwen deliriously struggle to stay awake (and discreetly prepare the HOLLISTON script reading that followed the commentary and closed the marathon).  Hurry and use promo code “MOVIECRYPT” to get a FREE month of Shudder while this offer lasts!  Sign up for Shudder now, watch THE DEVIL’S REJECTS free, and listen along to the stories behind Rob Zombie’s classic film.

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