10 Tech Tweeters You Need To Follow

By August 20, 2012

Mashable released a list of “Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Tech Insight” and it includes a Grateful Dead lyricist, a comedian, a journalist and more. If you’re into tech or just a consumer who wants to know more about the technologies that you use and purchase, these are some people you should be following on Twitter if you want more insight into the world of tech.

1. John Perry Barlow

2. Dana Boyd

3. Gabriella Coleman

4. Susan Crawford

5. Rabecca MacKinnon

6. Chris Messina

7. Tim O’Reilly

8. Rachel Sterne

9. Baratunde Thurston

10. Dave Winer

If you want to know more about these tweeters and why they are so important to the tech world check out Mashable’s list for more details.

If you want to follow GeekNation’s own techsperts you should also follow

11. Thomas Leath

12. Andrew Solmssen

13. Isky

Who are your favorite techies to follow on Twitter?

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