Wright Warns ‘Westworld’ Viewers To Not Miss The Ride

By October 7, 2016


It doesn’t take a gaming genius to realize there’s a huge difference between the early computer game Pong, and games of today like Grand Theft Auto V.

Because of that, viewers also have to take into account that massive evolution over the last 40-plus years between the original Westworld in 1973 from author Michael Crichton and the Westworld that HBO has created for the 21st century.

That’s something not lost at all on Jeffrey Wright, the Emmy-winning actor from another HBO series Angels in America as he watches his character Bernard Lowe progress through Westworld‘s story. And based on just the first episode, Wright told Entertainment Weekly he understands why some of the early fan theories have gone the way they have about the show.

“The guests in the park have really, in some ways, stepped through the virtual reality lens into the experience. And so now, they are interacting in full-form with the game, that is the park and with the characters, the hosts in a way that now we kind of experience through GTA V and these types of role-playing games.

One thing viewers might miss about everything, Wright said, is that they need to enjoy the ride. Because J.J. Abrams – the man who made viewers scratch their heads and speculate for years through shows like Lost and films like Cloverfield – is involved, it’s hard not to look for the deeper levels, a lot like Ed Harris’ Man in Black is doing on the show.

But such searches shouldn’t get in the way of the most obvious when it comes to Westworld, Wright says.

“It’s kind of played on multi-levels. It’s not trying to ask any questions. It’s not trying to force any answers. It is a meditation that allows the audience to come in and have that experience and interpret it in ways that are personal to them.”

Westworld airs Sundays on HBO, but subscribers to streaming platforms like HBO Now, HBO Go or HBO On Demand actually can watch the second episode of the series right now. Entertainment Weekly shared the news, saying HBO made the move to help make sure the episode is not overshadowed by Sunday’s American presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The series earned a real strong start last Sunday, pulling in the biggest audience since the debut of True Detective, and HBO is looking to keep that trend growing as what it hopes will be its next big hit.

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