’20th Century Women’ Starring Elle Fanning, Annette Benning, Goes to A24

By June 29, 2016

As a film fan, I’ve developed a fairly reliable and specific mantra over the past few years – If a movie is being released by A24, then you’re going to see it, and you’re going to like it.

After breaking onto the scene with several independent and unique films that fairly instantly separated themselves from all of the other movie studios working today, A24 has gone on to solidify itself as one of the serious dramatic power players in the industry right now. Following a notable year last year with the awards darlings like Ex Machina and Room as well, the studio is already setting up 2016 to be a banner year once again.

The studio has just picked up one of the most promising films of the year with director Mike Mills’ 20th Century Women (via THR), starring Elle Fanning, Annette Benning, Greta Gerwig, Billy Crudup, and more. Set in Santa Barbara, CA in 1979, the film follows the stories of three different women, all born in different generations/eras of the 20th century as they come together to help a teenage boy named Jamie, learn about life, love, sex, freedom, men, and women.

It will be Mills’ first film since 2011’s critically-acclaimed Beginners (one of my favorite movies of all time, and one of the most underrated movies of the decade so far), and is produced by Annapurna’s Megan Ellison along with Anne Carey of Archer Gray and Youree Henley. A24 is apparently eyeing a release sometime in the fourth quarter of 2016 for the film.

Mills commented on the announcement as well:

“From a filmmakers’ perspective, it’s a dream come true to work with both Annapurna and now A24. Especially with a film that is in many ways a portrait to the real women who raised me. Everyone at A24 has been rooting for this film for a long time, which means the world to me, and I’ve always admired how brave, smart and innovative they are about bringing their films to the world – finding diverse new audiences for films that don’t follow the rules.”

With films like Green Room, Swiss Army Man, The Lobster, and The Witch already under their belt in 2016, this year may be the biggest one for A24 yet, with the studio still set to release Free Fire, Cannes 2016 darling American HoneyMorris From America, and more this year. The addition of 20th Century Women to its lineup, what would have been one of the most promising films to look out for no matter who was releasing it, practically guarantees the studio to have a large presence in this year’s awards season.

In case you couldn’t tell as well, I’m kinda sorta very, very happy about this news.

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Alex Welch

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