’20th Century Women’ Trailer Teases One of This Year’s Biggest Oscar Contenders

By September 27, 2016

Mike Mills’ Beginners is the kind of film that not nearly enough people saw, but when they finally get around to it, they join the growing chorus of people lamenting about how not nearly enough people saw it. With awards-worthy performances from Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer, and Melanie Laurent, it’s a movie that everyone agrees is kind of spectacular… again, whenever they get around to actually seeing it, that is.

I’ve been waiting five years for Mills’ follow-up film, and it’s finally being delivered to us on Christmas Day this year, thanks to the kind folks over at A24, who are shaping up to have a very promising awards season once again this year.

The first teaser trailer for 20th Century Women was released online today as well. Check it out below:

The trailer boasts Mills’ unique and subtle storytelling style, and I can’t imagine this was a fairly easy trailer for the studio to cut together either, but for those of you out there that are fans of the filmmaker (like myself), this looks like the perfect follow-up to Beginners in some pretty obvious ways.

Annette Bening is likely to be one of the dark horses at the awards season this year, and with other heavy hitters like Emma Stone and Natalie Portman rumored to be frontrunners for Best Actress as well, it’ll be interesting to see which members of the 20th Century Women ensemble end up standing out the most. At this point though, it could be made up of all unknown actors and actresses and I’d still be in the first line opening day to see it.

20th Century Women is set to hit theatres on December 25th.

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