’23 Jump Street/Men in Black’ Crossover Film Finds Its Director

By March 4, 2016

In news that is sure to either excite or enrage you, Sony’s super-secret-but-not-really 23 Jump Street/Men in Black crossover film is very close to finding its director. According to Variety, the studio has begun negotiations with James Bobin (Flight of the Conchords, The Muppets, Alice Through the Looking Glass) to direct this film which will bring together the Channing Tatum/Jonah Hill buddy-cop comedy series and the Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones buddy-intergalactic-cop comedy series (though neither Smith nor Jones will be reprising their roles). The film hasn’t received the official go-ahead from the studio quite yet, but there are tentative plans for production to begin in June. So…all that is happening.

Ever since word of this film broke during the Sony computer hacking scandal, the internet has been ablaze with a mostly “Why the hell are they doing this?”-type response. I’ll admit, it’s hard to resist the urge to be very skeptical about it. But there are a few good things going for it. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was pleasantly surprised by the first two Jump Street movies. With Tatum and Hill onboard, along with a fair amount of the creative team behind those films, this sequel should hopefully retain a lot of the fun and humor of its predecessors. Even though Bobin is taking over as director for Chris Lord and Phil Miller (they’re busy with the young Han Solo film), they’ll still be involved as executive producers. So most of the minds behind the very entertaining Jump Street films will be back for this one.

Sure, it would probably be awesome if Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones came back as Agents J and K. And who knows, Sony might still be able to talk them into it. But if not, the studio will no doubt work overtime to ensure they get worthy replacements to step into the roles, not to mention team up with Tatum and Hill. I mean, you don’t replace Smith and/or Jones with nobodies. This is rumored to be part of Sony’s plan to reboot the Men in Black franchise with younger actors, so they’ll be wise to take this casting job very seriously.

Listen, I’m not saying this will be good. It could very well end up a colossal disaster that buries not one but two film franchises. But much like the first two Jump Street films and two of the three Men in Black flicks, this could also wind up being really good. There’s a lot of talent already involved in it, and things could certainly get better depending on who gets cast as Agents J and K. So I’m going to remain cautiously optimistic about this one…for now.

I know, I know. Optimism on the internet. It’s a crazy world we live in.

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Joe Ruggirello
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