A Day With Stan Lee, Jenna Busch, Lou Ferrigno, Apolo Ohno & Me

By August 17, 2012

Stan, me and host Jenna Busch

Yesterday I had the chance to do an episode of the uber popular “Cocktails with Stan” for Stan Lee’s World of Heros, and for just a brief moment, I’d love to sing the accolades to the man himself!

Two of my heros!  Apolo, pulling for you on DWTS this season!

He’s charming, kind, witty and just a tad self-deprecating, Mr. Stan Lee is honestly one of the nicest men I’ve met in the entertainment business.

If you haven’t seen Cocktails with Stan, the show’s premise is simple and self-titled…. so as we graciously sip on adult beverages, cameras roll and catch casual conversation.

Season 2 guest Lou Ferrigno

Amongst the discussion yesterday came the topic of our work and our jobs as artists, and Stan reminded me of an excellent point:

“What we do isn’t work” he said.  “Work is digging a ditch, or waiting tables, or laying brick.  What we as artists do is play.”

So sweet!

So true, yet somehow in the hustle of the daily grind,  a forgettable fact.

They’ve been friends for many years.

Thank you, Stan, for grounding me in the moment, and reminding me how wonderful it is to be able to create for a living!  Mr. Lee, you’re an inspiration!  And I’ll have cocktails with you anytime.  xo

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