Aaron Sorkin Set to Make His Directorial Debut With ‘Molly’s Game’

By January 8, 2016

For more than thirty years, Aaron Sorkin has been one of the most prolific writers in the entertainment world, crafting perhaps the most consistently good screenwriting career in Hollywood history. With his first movie credit going to the fantastic Tom Cruise courtroom drama, A Few Good Men, Sorkin has excelled at the craft throughout the years as well, with other movies like Moneyball, The Social Network, and TV shows like Sports Night, The West Wing, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and the ill fated, flawed The Newsroom.

While currently riding the awards buzz for his work on Steve Jobs right now, it looks like Sorkin has finally set his sights on a project that will place him in the director’s chair for the first time in his career, something that many fans, including myself, never quite thought would happen.

According to a new report from THR, Sorkin will both write and direct the underground poker film, Molly’s Game, which tells the true story of Molly Bloom, who went from a highly-skilled skier to a gambling matron. The film will also reunite Sorkin with producers Mark Gordon and Amy Pascal. He originally signed on to adapt Bloom’s memoir of the same name in 2014, and had planned on making his directorial debut with The Politician, which would tell the story behind the John Edwards scandal, but it looks like progress on that project has slowed down exponentially since then. He has also been attached to write the Cate Blanchett-led Lucille Ball biopic recently as well.

Bloom was an athletic skier, who after failing to make it into the Olympics, took a waitress job before law school and managed to work her way into running poker games played by some of Hollywood’s most important figures. That was, until the FBI finally took her down eight years later. Sorkin is said to begin meeting with actresses for the role soon, and considering the character’s true story as well as the kind of writing Sorkin will likely create for her, the role could be a chance for any talented young actress in the industry right now to really take it and run with i .

As far as Sorkin’s directing goes, he’s worked with more than enough extremely talented directors at this point that their influences and guidance throughout the years could make Sorkin an interesting filmmaker in his own right. There’s no telling whether or not he’ll be able to successfully make the transition from writer to director, but he’s got the kind of career and talent to at least warrant the risk, and Molly’s Game sounds like the perfect kind of story to take the chance on.

Molly’s Game is currently in development.

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