ABC, Imax Plotting ‘The Inhumans’ TV Series

By November 15, 2016


There will not be a movie anytime soon focused on the fascinating characters behind Stan Lee’s Inhumans, so Marvel will do one better. It’s planning a new television series, The Inhumans, for ABC.

Although some Inhumans have popped up on another ABC show, Agents of SHIELDThe Hollywood Reporter says this particular outing will be completely separate and new.

Few details are known about the project, including producers, cast and premise. The first two episodes of the series will debut in Imax theaters for two weeks in summer 2017 before moving to ABC in September, where they will be followed by six subsequent new episodes.

Right now, ABC and Marvel are planning The Inhumans as a limited series, but is fast-tracking it to get it on television by the next fall season.

Even with details scare, the trade publication said not only will this not be related to SHIELD, it also has nothing to do with the proposed feature film that had been moving toward a 2019 release before being delayed indefinitely.

blackbolt-inset111516The focus of the show will be on Black Bolt, the king of the Inhumans, who just happens to be married to Medusa. Whoever plays that character will have an interesting as Black Bolt can’t speak – his voice is a hypersonic weapon that can destroy things around him with even the slightest sound.

He and his ruling family are part of characters Lee and artist Jack Kirby introduced in a Fantastic Four comic book in 1965. Although the characters have appeared in various animated versions of Marvel’s creations, this would be the Inhuman Royal Family’s live-action debut.

The inclusion of the Imax deal is a bit unique, with reports that the Canadian company is providing some funding for at least the early episodes of the series. This would be the first time a television series has made its debut on the Imax screen.

The series will be completely filmed using only Imax cameras.

It’s believed Marvel is continuing with a film adaptation of the Inhumans, designed to be a sort of replacement for the X-Men, which has its film and television rights controlled by Twentieth Century Fox.

Joe Robert Cole, who had been nominated for an Emmy this past year for his work on American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, had been working on an Inhumans film screenplay, but left the project last year. Cole is still working with Marvel, however, as one of the writers for its Black Panther solo film, set for a 2018 release.

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