ABC Releases The First Official Promo For Season 2 Of ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’

By November 18, 2015

I was a big fan of the first season of Marvel’s Agent Carter. While I do agree that it had its share of issues, overall I was entertained. Marvel has shown that they are flexible and ready to learn from their mistakes (Agents of SHIELD has turned into one of the best shows on TV right now), as well as willing to change things up, when they need to. These are all great qualities and bode well for the Agent Carter’s sophomore season.

After announcing an official premiere date for season 2, the network has released the first promo for the series, courtesy of the Agent Carter Twitter account.

I am excited for the series and think that the move to Los Angeles will be a breath of fresh air. And as long as Jarvis is with her, that’s all that matters. And Sousa, because that so needs to happen! I love Hayley Atwell and do think that Peggy Carter is a very interesting, and dynamic character. Hopefully this season will stop trying to hit us over the head so hard with its misogynistic undertones and actually focus on the work that Peggy is doing. I’m also hoping for a little more of the infiltration of the SSR/SHIELD by HYDRA, because although it was done covertly, we all know it happened, so a few easter eggs wouldn’t hurt.

The show has the bones to be something pretty special, so let’s just hope that Marvel has figured out what they have and is building on them. I would also like to remind them that, more of Dominic Cooper’s Howard Stark is never a bad thing!

Season 2 of Marvel’s Agent Carter is set to premiere on January 5, 2016.

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