Abrams Twist: ‘God Particle’ Next Cloverfield Film

By October 27, 2016


At least this time fans didn’t have to wait for the film’s name to be released before finding out.

J.J. Abrams’ upcoming film God Particle is a bit more than meets the eye. The Wrap, in fact, reports that the film from writer Oren Uziel is actually the third film in Abrams’ Cloverfield universe. And it won’t end there.

Not only will Particle be the third in a series of connected Cloverfield films, but Abrams and studio partner Paramount Pictures are quietly developing more movies for the shared universe.

Both parties hope to release a new film in the shared Cloverfield each year.

Cloverfield is the mysterious, shaky camera Godzilla-like horror film written by Drew Goddard and directed by Matt Reeves in 2008. The Abrams-produced film earned $171.3 million worldwide, and the secrecy surrounding the production would become a staple for Abrams on all of his future projects, including films in both the Star Trek and Star Wars universes.

cloverfieldlane102716Earlier this year, Abrams and Paramount shocked moviegoers when they revealed Dan Trachtenberg’s horror film starring John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead was not called Valencia, but was instead 10 Cloverfield Lane – a “cousin” of the 2008 film. That film would go on to earn $106.6 million worldwide.

Particle moves the story out into space during a “shocking discovery” by some astronauts, the trade publication said. They “end up fighting for survival in what is described as an altered reality.”

Particle stars David Oyelowo of Selma fame, along with Chris O’Dowd (Thor: The Dark World), Elizabeth Debicki (The Great Gatsby) and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (A Wrinkle In Time). Up-and-coming director Julius Onah, who helmed The Girl is in Trouble in 2015, will lead Particle.

Neither Abrams or Paramount would comment to The Wrap about the report.

God Particle is set for a Feb. 24 release. And if you’d like to take a look back at 10 Cloverfield Lane, GeekNation’s very own “The Movie Crypt” interviews director Dan Trachtenberg in their most recent episode.

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