Activision Shanghai Unveils SICK ‘Call Of Duty Online’ Trailer, Starring Chris Evans

By January 6, 2015

China’s Call of Duty Online has been in the works for quite some time, and right around Christmas of last year, an epic teaser for the game was released featuring Captain America star Chris Evans. In it, he and four other players get rough and rowdy during gameplay while dealing with things that gamers are all too familiar with. (Heh.)

You ready, hoss? Here we go!


Call of Duty Online will feature weapon and avatar customization, maps, as well as some familiar faces from COD franchise titles like Modern Warfare and Black Ops, along with other elements from Ghosts and Advanced Warfare to come down the line. Those faces include Captain John “Soap” MacTavishJohn Price, and Simon “Ghost” Riley from the Modern Warfare series. Also, in campaign mode, players will play as Rook from Modern Warfare 2.


Activision Shanghai and Raven Software says that CoD Online has a new gaming model that allows players to “personalize weapons, characters and equipment with localized, unique content tailored to the needs and interest of gamers in China,” and while the game itself is free-to-play, there will be micro-transactions involved when it comes to customizing. But that really shouldn’t be a huge surprise, right?

With Survival Mode from MW3 making a return and a robotic zombie mode known as “Cyborg Rising,” it seems like Chinese gamers are gonna have an absolute ball. I, myself am not much of a PC gamer, but as a pretty hardcore CoD fan (my Xbox One is an “Advanced Warfare” console I named “Pvt Joker”), I can tell you this game looks awesome as Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo, man, and I’d surely take a whack at it if I could!

Check out this cat going through “Cyborg Rising” during the open beta! (Warning: slightly NSFW)

Call Of Duty Online hits China on January 11th. If you’re reading this and just happened to have been part of the open beta and plan on playing the full game, let me know how it plays (and how the servers hold up) once it launches!


I’d follow you anywhere, sir.

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