Adam Sandler’s Netflix Series ‘Ridiculous 6′ Debuts First Trailer

By October 27, 2015
Ridiculous 6 Featured

Say what you will about Adam Sandler, the guy is not going away. Whether you love him or hate him, he has a huge following and it is because of that following, he landed a Netflix Deal to produce original content in the form of ‘straight to streaming’ movies. Case in point, his newest comedy-western Ridiculous 6; an obvious spoof of Taratino’s Hateful Eight -  more so, a Magnificent Seven. 

Before we go any further, here’s the trailer to view and mull over:

Sandler hasn’t had a good run as of late; in regards to both box office and politics. His Pixels underperformed at the box office with comments going so far as to point a finger at the actor, blaming his tired schtick as the reason.

And then there’s Netflix. A few months back, word leaked – followed by personal accounts and straight from the horse’s mouth comments – that his Ridiculous 6 Netflix movie offended the Native American actors working on the set. Over a dozen actors ‘reportedly’ walked off the set never to return. If that weren’t enough, Rose McGowan famously tweeted her disdain about a casting notice in which she was asked to wear skimpy clothing that would show off her ‘cleavage.’ She, of course, pointed a finger right at Sandler for the stereotypical, gender flub. Rightly so, McGowan skipped the audition while her tweet went viral.

All this is to give some context on Sandler’s new project and whether or not the talent will outweigh the controversy. Watching the above video, I was surprised to notice I wasn’t completely turned off by the content. Sure it doesn’t look amazing or anything, it just doesn’t look bad. But does it worry me to know Native American actors walked off set, offended? Yes, it does.

It doesn’t give me a lot of faith in the movie. Whether it’s bad because of poor execution or offensive because racist stereotypes remains to be seen. Long gone are the Billy Madison’s and Wedding Singers. And if you are offended by Sandler continuing to not only piss off women but also nationalities of all kinds, then perhaps this movie is not for you.

For me, I’m interested – politics aside – in seeing if this is truly the end of Sandler’s ability to make people laugh and whether or not this Netflix series is his return to greatness. Now that I have an idea behind the movie and, perhaps, why some Native Americans walked off the set, it will be interesting to see how an audience takes this trailer and the movie as a whole. Question for all of you out there in GeekNation… Does this trailer do anything for you or has Adam Sandler worn out his welcome?

Ridiculous 6 premieres December 11 on Netflix.

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