Alfred Hitchcock Anthology Series Announced by Hitchcock Estate

By September 28, 2016

If you go back and watch old episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, it’s almost baffling how many filmmakers directed and wrote episodes of that series, and just makes Hitchcock’s impact on the pop culture world that much more respectable, not only influencing cinema, but television as well. For all of you film nuts and Hitchcock lovers out too, like myself, then this news sounds like it’s come custom made and shipped just for you.

Universal Cable Productions has announced today, that they are working with the Hitchcock Estate to create a brand new Hitchcock-influenced series called, Welcome to Hitchcock, which will be an anthology series that dedicates each season to a different, Hitchcock-esque story. Similar to Alfred Hitchcock Presents as well, the series will apparently be made as a collaboration with some of the most talented filmmakers working today to helm individual episodes of the show.

UCP’s Dawn Olmstead commented on the news with the following:

“Long after his death, Alfred Hitchcock continues to be one of the most celebrated directors and visionaries in the world, a master manipulator of the macabre. We’re honored that the Hitchcock Estate has put its trust in our studio to pay homage to his work.”

Katie O’Connell-Fiala, speaking on behalf of the Hitchcock Trust and MTK Corporation added:

“Our grandfather always collaborated with the best and the brightest to help shape his vision. We’re confident that Universal Cable Productions will take great care in helping us to continue preserving his legacy.”

As someone who’s a diehard Alfred Hitchcock admirer and fan, and someone who has spent hours watching old episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents on Netflix, this sounds like something right up my alley. However, for people who aren’t all that knowledgeable about Hitchcock or into this kind of thing, then I don’t know for sure what kind of an audience this could find. It’ll all depend on the marketing and actual content of the show, I suppose, in the end.

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Alex Welch

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