‘Alien: Covenant’ Releases New Behind-the-Scenes Image

By June 15, 2016

With production currently underway on director Ridley Scott’s highly-anticipated Alien: Covenant right now, the film hasn’t shyed away from giving fans small tastes of what they can expect from the film, which will be the second installment in Scott’s Prometheus trilogy. Set after the events of Prometheus as well, the film has been set up to include even more connections to the original Alien film, with a solid ensemble cast to boot.

Following the first images of the Covenant crew’s insignia, as well as Katherine Waterston’s Daniels, who’s shaping up to be this film’s Ripley, a new behind-the-scenes photo from Covenant has been revealed by the movie’s Facebook page, putting director Ridley Scott and returning cast member, Michael Fassbender, front and center.

Check out the image below:

alien covenant image

Along with the image came the caption “Creator. Creation. #AlienCovenant” which is probably not only a reference to Scott’s place in the Alien franchise, but also the biblical undertones and themes that the film is said to feature. Remember when the movie was originally called Alien: Paradise Lost?

After this movie delayed Neill Blomkamp’s promising Alien 5 as well, I’d say that the fan expectations facing Alien: Covenant are rather exponential, especially considering the divisive reaction to 2012’s Prometheus. As he does with all of his films though, Scott has assembled an incredible cast here once again, and the film’s connections to both Prometheus and Alien make it seem like this may end up being a darker and more horrifying film than Prometheus only came close to being a few times. At least, we can hope it will be.

Alien: Covenant is set to hit theatres on August 7th, 2017.

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