Amazing New IMAX Poster Released For ’10 Cloverfield Lane’

By March 2, 2016

Up until two months ago, Matt Reeves’ Cloverfield was a standalone movie, and it was going to stay that way as far as we could tell. That was, until J.J. Abrams and the rest of the creative team at Bad Robot shocked the movie-going world by releasing the first trailer and poster for 10 Cloverfield Lane, a movie which up until that point, had been known under a different, false name.

Now, after a spectacular Super Bowl TV spot a few weeks ago, and possibly even more mystery surrounding it than we had thought already, 10 Cloverfield Lane has become one of the most interesting films of the year. With just a few weeks left until its theatrical release too, a new IMAX poster for the film has been revealed, and it’s pretty damn cool.

Playing on the captivity Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character feels in the film, the poster looks like something you might have seen in conjunction with a John Carpenter or even Stephen King film from the 1980s. Check it out below:


Receiving a script rewrite from Whiplash helmer, Damien Chazelle, and directed by Dan Trachtenberg, 10 Cloverfield Lane may or may not actually be a sequel to the 2007 original movie, since it’s still unknown when or where the film takes place in relation to its predecessor’s timeline. J.J. Abrams has hinted that it may not be the first though in a new Cloverfield universe similar to that of the stories from The Twilight Zone, possibly.

All of that is even just speculation at this point, since we don’t really know anything other than the film’s surface elements for certain. At least, I can say that this poster is pretty bad ass though right? I might have to put this up on my wall sometime soon, even if the movie itself ends up being disappointing.

10 Cloverfield Lane will hit theaters on March 11th, 2016.

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  • David Johnson

    I want to see it just hope I don’t feel burned like I did after watching the 1st Cloverfield!