‘American Pastoral’ Trailer Reveals Ewan McGregor’s Captivating Directorial Debut

By June 23, 2016

This year, Philip Roth may finally receive not only one film adaptation worthy of his source material, but two. The first is coming in the Sundance darling, Indignation, which has been met by universal praise from critics following its January debut, and could be a possible sleeper hit in the latter half of the year. The second is Ewan McGregor’s film adaptation of American Pastoral, which McGregor will not only star in, but will also be making his directorial debut with.

Following a family in the 1950s, McGregor plays a father who begins to lose control of his life when his daughter’s (Dakota Fanning) leftist political beliefs, leads to an indescribable act of violence and anger. The film also stars Jennifer Connelly, Uzo Aduba, Molly Parker, Rupert Evans, and more.

The first official trailer for the movie has been revealed online today (via Vanity Fair) also, giving us our first look at McGregor’s ambitious adaptation, which has received some positive buzz following early test screenings over the past few months. It’s not hard to see why either, after watching the trailer.

McGregor’s directorial debut is something that he’s been working towards, he tells Vanity Fair, for the past fifteen years. His style and hold of Roth’s material seems equally intriguing as well, making this one of the most interesting films to look forward to in the Fall season this year. With an incredibly impressive cast around McGregor as well, then it’s possible McGregor’s directorial debut could also end up being one of his better projects of recent memory. Keep your eyes peeled for this one.

American Pastoral is set to hit theatres on October 21st, a prime spot for possible awards attention.

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  • David Johnson

    Big Fish could finally have a challenger to My #1 MacGregor Film!!!!!