Amy Poehler’s Brother Sets Up ‘Welcome to Sweden’ Comedy Series at NBC

By October 8, 2013

Amy Poehler and Greg Poehler

In Hollywood, it’s all about who you know. And when you’re the brother of one of the funniest women on television, it certainly helps in sorting out a deal for a new TV series.

THR reports that NBC is now working with Greg Poehler, the younger brother of the network’s “Parks and Recreation” star and longtime comedian Amy Poehler, on a new comedy series called “Welcome to Sweden” with the Poehler siblings executive producing together.

The Poehler brother will also star in the new series which is inspired by his own life. The story follows a New York accountant who falls in love with a Swedish girl named Emma (Josephine Bornebusch) and follows her to start a new life on the other side of the world in Sweden. The series will actually be shot in Stockholm, Sweden with a largely Swedish cast, mostly because it was originally developed for the country’s TV4 network as their first English-language series, but Entertainment One decided to shop the series around to U.S. networks as well.

For a taste of Poehler’s take on living in Sweden, here’s him performing a stand-up bit about it:

eOne Television executive Carrie Stein says:

“This show is a ‘first’ on so many levels. It’s the first English-language comedy for TV4; the first television show Greg Poehler has ever created and starred in and executive produced with his sister Amy; and it’s the first time NBC has been involved with a comedy shot in Stockholm with a large Swedish cast! The reason this comedy has attracted all these people is because its theme is universal: Love conquers all…even if it means moving to Sweden.”

It certainly sounds ambitious, and just because the series is set in Sweden with a Swedish cast, that doesn’t mean there won’t be recognizable faces. Amy Poehler will cameo in the series along with the likes of her “Parks and Recreation” co-star Aubrey Plaza, Will Ferrell and KISS frontman Gene Simmons. In addition, Lena Olin, Illeana Douglas and Patrick Duffy are set to play the couple’s parents on the series as well.

With the Poehler siblings working together, this has the potential to be another great comedy series for NBC, who mostly seems to be on a roll lately with new series like “The Michael J. Fox Show.” We’ll have to wait and see if Greg Poehler’s new series can turn out to be just as successful as his sister’s TV exploits.

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