Andrew Garfield Hung Out at Disneyland with Batkid After Oscars Segment Was Cancelled

By March 6, 2014

Some of you may have heard this story by now, but for those of you who don’t know the backstory, let’s dive into it.

The theme of last Sunday’s Academy Award ceremony was celebrating cinematic heroes, and a segment was planned to make Miles Scott – better known as San Francisco’s cancer-battling 5-year-old “Batkid” you undoubtedly read about a few months ago – “the world’s next superhero.” It would have been a cool new chapter in the Batkid saga, and unquestionably would have melted hearts worldwide. Andrew Garfield, who plays Spider-Man in the current film series, was set to go on stage with Miles and make the presentation.

The New York Post’s Page Six have a source who claims that Garfield “snubbed” Batkid, basically because Garfield was apparently acting like a diva – refusing to read the lines on the teleprompter, rewriting the script, etc. When his new lines were deemed inappropriate, he “stormed off,” and the segment was cancelled, leaving Batkid and his family devastated. Captain America star Chris Evans stepped in to present the award Garfield was supposed to present.

That’s the version of the story you’ve probably seen spread around on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media this morning. But this article at Pajiba reveals that things may not be what they seem.


The Academy offered Miles Scott and his family an all-expenses paid trip to Disneyland when the segment was cancelled, and the organization released a statement today that refutes Page Six’s claims (emphasis mine):

Due to the nature of a live show, hard decisions sometimes must be made which require the Academy to cut segments due to the logistics of production. Andrew Garfield understood that his segment had to be omitted, and he drove to Disneyland on Monday to spend time with 5-year-old Miles Scott (Batkid) and his family.

The cynical among you may still think that Garfield pitched a fit and refused to participate in the telecast, and honestly, that may well have been the case. I don’t know. I wasn’t there. But these countless websites breathlessly publishing accounts of Garfield being a douchebag and storming off should at least update those accounts with the part about how Garfield drove out to Disneyland to hang out with Batkid the next day.

Another reason to doubt the veracity of the Page Six piece? They say that The Academy teamed with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to “further make Miles’ dreams come true,” and FilmDrunk points out that Make-A-Wish is on record as saying The Academy went to the Scott family directly. That’s a factual error that could have been easily researched, but was apparently overlooked by Page Six’s editorial team. I know people make mistakes (I’ve made a few here, I’m sure), but in an incendiary piece that completely destroys the character of a well-known actor, it might be a good idea to get your facts straight.

I apologize for the gossipy and tabloid-style nature of this article. We normally don’t cover stuff like this at GeekNation. But until a credible source comes forward and explains exactly what happened in this situation, I just thought it’d be fair to give Garfield the benefit of the doubt and look at the positive side of this scenario: that freakin’ Spider-Man hung out with Badkid at Disneyland for a day. Especially since Garfield has a history That sounds like a much more memorable day for a five-year-old kid crazy about superheroes anyway.

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  • William B Valencia

    I will be the first one to side with Garfield on this one. I haven’t heard any notes regarding his character but if you are gonna dish out that kinda trash on someone you better be right.. As a dad that makes my heart smile about the whole day at Disneyland thing though..

  • Tony C Farfan

    Way to go Spidey! There’s nothing so rewarding as showing the press to be the limitless douches we all suspected they were. Personal vendetta?