Andrew Lincoln Responds to the Fan Criticism of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Six Finale

By August 17, 2016

It’s hard to think of a TV season finale, that caused the same amount of rage and vitriol from the show’s fans than The Walking Dead‘s sixth season finale earlier this year, which ridiculously cut off its final scene short (in a way) as fans watched Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s villainous Negan pick a member of the main group at random and proceed to beat them to death with his barbed wire baseball bat, Lucille.

We still don’t know who that victim is unfortunately because the show chose to cut to a POV shot of the victim as Negan killed them, equipped with really bad CGI, almost James Bond-esque blood running over the camera lens at one point as well.

A number of the creative team members involved in the show have come out and defended the decision, some successfully and some not-so-successfully, but now none other than Rick himself, Andrew Lincoln, has shared his thoughts on the fans’ reactions to the finale while speaking with Entertainment Weekly:

“We love the fans. I love the fact that everybody is so engaged with it and so opinionated about it. I think it’s a great energy that we feed off. I mean, obviously we don’t want a divided reaction every time we do something as a season finale because then we’d start to be concerned, but we value and respect everybody’s opinion because without it we wouldn’t be here.”

He added:

“I sort of keep out of the online stuff. I don’t do any social media. I don’t read reviews, because you can’t just take the good stuff. You have to take the bad stuff as well, and I don’t want to engage in that.”

When asked whether or not he saw the backlash coming as well, Lincoln admitted that it was somewhat expected:

“It was a done deal. And…there is a sort of symbiotic relationship with the show and the fanbase, which is also part of a bigger conversation in my opinion. We’re just a small part of a much bigger conversation online. And far be it for me to say someone’s right or wrong.”

Okay, but how many times now, does he get asked about who Negan killed?

“Every time I leave my house. Every time I go through customs. Every time they are checking my belt going through the security…and all of that. It’s hilarious. Absolutely insane.”

Luckily, fans will only have to wait a little over two more months before they finally learn the identity of Negan’s victim, something that the creative team and production of the show have gone to utterly ridiculous lengths to keep secret, which become almost laughable when you remember again that it never should have been done that way in the first place either. This isn’t the first time that The Walking Dead has resorted to cheap tricks for mystery or tension though, and I imagine it’s far from being the last as well.

The Walking Dead will return for its seventh season on October 23rd on AMC.

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  • David Johnson

    After #DumpsterGate You’d think they would show their Fans some Respect, but instead they just released a pile of dog crap for a finale. I’ll read the reviews the next day 7 if they don’t kill off an A Rated Character there’s no reason to watch Season 7 #TWD!!!