Another Original ‘Flash’ TV Alum Joins New CW Series

By September 17, 2014

Fans of DC Comics’ Scarlet Speedster and his original TV series should be pleased to learn that another former cast member will be returning to the character’s new series this Fall. While John Wesley Shipp, who portrayed Barry Allen/The Flash in the 1990 CBS outing, was cast as the new Barry’s father, actress Amanda Pays will also be joining her former co-star in the new cast when “The Flash” premieres next month on the CW.

In the original series, Pays played Dr. Tina McGee, who essentially served as the Flash’s scientific sidekick. It was her ingenuity that created Barry’s friction-resistant costume, and she would go on to assist Barry in both his crimefighting escapades as well as in adjusting to the massive changes his body would undergo over the course of the single season as he fully transitioned into becoming the Flash. The new “Flash” series is being spun out of another successful DC Comics-based CW series, “Arrow,” where actor Grant Gustin first appeared as Barry Allen in that series’ second season. Former Flash John Wesley Shipp arrives in the new series in a new role, but in a pretty interesting turn of events, Pays will be playing the same character she played in the previous “Flash” series: Dr. Tina McGee.

According to the original report at Entertainment Weekly, the Tina McGee in this series won’t necessarily be an ally of the Flash, as she’ll be working for “a rival very big science company.” Whether that means she’ll be an antagonist, or a potential ally for the future is impossible to tell, but it’s pretty clear through her casting that the creators behind the new effort are definitely paying respect to the former series by casting that show’s stars. That’s perfectly fine for this fan, who thinks that the 1990 “Flash” series was cancelled well before its time.

Be sure to see the first episode of “The Flash” when it airs on October 7th!

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Chris Clow
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