Another Villain Rumored for ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ (Potential Spoilers)

By January 13, 2016

News today out of Aquaman HQ has revealed Amber Heard in the running to join Jason Momoa, first in Justice League (which begins filming this April) as a set-up to a bigger, meatier role in the standalone feature. This shows an example of the wave of reports we will, no doubt, be getting from all angles seeing as Dawn of Justice is ready to drop on March 25th. The Aquaman news makes a lot of sense, what I didn’t expect is a (spoilery) report coming out of the often reliable Latino-Review about Dawn of Justice along with a potential, new, villain.

Going to leave this here for those of you out there wanting to remain true and spoiler free, since we are so close to Batman V Superman’s debut in theatres. Can’t say we didn’t warn you…

BvS Spoiler Alert

Hey, you made it! Welcome!

Okay, on with the rumor (for now). I trust and have always trusted the legitimacy of LR’s scoops and exclusives but in this case, and why I am calling it a rumor – it’s so close to the release date for the movie AND it sure does seem like Warners/DC/Zack Snyder are noodling around TOO MUCH causing me to feel a bit nervous. This story in particular, adds another layer to the proceedings as far as Superman’s story is concerned while also adding more on the villain side of things. Sure, we know that Lex Luthor is the main villain – we can also throw in Doomsday since Zack Snyder basically confirmed what we already knew from latest trailer. But what if those weren’t the ONLY villains in the movie? MORE VILLAINS? Yes, more. Apparently.

If Lex is the scheming, brains behind the operation and Doomsday his muscle, what more could our threesome made up of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman come to expect/fight in the movie?

bizarro_breaking_out_by_superman8193-d8e36yyThanks to the pretty picture, yes indeed – the trinity might just have to fight Bizarro Superman as well, if Latino-Review’s exclusive comes to fruition. And when I heard this news I also, promptly, heard a record scratch. Bizarro? Really?

I’ll let LR do the explaining:

Bizarro’s appearance isn’t speculation knitted together from other pieces of info, or one of our usual “hot rumors” that can sometimes be in dispute. Bizarro WILL appear in “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice” as part of the setup for Zack Snyder’s upcoming “Justice League, Part 1.” 

That is a bold claim. WILL appear (all caps). To me, it means that LR knows something we don’t, either from a very good source or someone working on the actual film. Throw in this tweet from Birth.Movies.Death’s Devin Faraci (also a good and reliable site/person) and the “where there’s smoke there’s fire” line of thinking comes to play.

Could this be the fourth act Devin is hinting at? A fight that sets up Justice League between Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman and Bizarro?

LR goes on to add a little back story about Bizarro that could be used as a story set-up:

In the Post-Crisis DC Comics storyline, Bizarro is a clone of Superman made by Lex Luthor that is named as such when Luthor says “this bizarre — oh forget it!” before making a move to dispose of the flawed clone.

We can gather from the trailers that Lex is in control of  Zod’s body (from Man of Steel) most likely using it and experimenting on it to create Doomsday to take on the big three. Most people think the shot from the trailer is from the third and final act of B V S – it’s why so many people had issues with the trailer, with most thinking too much was shown and therefore ruined.

However, Zack Snyder, just yesterday, promised many more surprises, even hinting that Doomsday wasn’t the only villain. So yeah, Faraci’s tweet, LR’s report and Zack Snyder’s comments seem to suggest 1) We don’t have all the info just yet and 2) There’s either a new climax, an additional villain, or both.

If Bizarro is the one Zack Snyder is hinting about, and Devin is mentioning an added, fourth act, could it be Bizarro introduced towards the end of Dawn of Justice? Sure, why not. 

Since Lex is in control of Zod’s body and, conceivably, interacts with Superman then it’s a safe leap to assume Lex also created Bizarro. I also love the idea LR throws out that supposes:

With Batman’s question about Superman bleeding leading to Batman inadvertently providing Lex with the DNA to make a Bizarre Superman? 

I love that line of thinking that Batman, perhaps, helps Lex before realizing he’s a total scumbag and because of that gaff, has to deal with Bizarro… Oh, the possibilities. I just hope it works and is not another example of a “too many cooks in the kitchen” line of thinking where they “think” they need more– more scenes, more villains, more superhero cameos.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s coverage on Doomsday, we went from one movie with Superman (Man of Steel) to its sequel with Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Alfred, Doomsday –breath–  Aquaman (cameo), Flash (cameo), Cyborg (cameo), Scoot McNairy (confirmed as an actor), Jenna Malone (rumored), Joker (rumored) and now Bizarro. See? That’s a lot.

Whatever turns out to be true, we don’t have long to wait. Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice comes to theatres this March 25th, 2016.

Stay tuned for more updates, on all things DC — right here on GeekNation.

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