Anti-Geek TV: Which Shows Would Steal The Big Bang Theory’s Lunch Money?

By June 11, 2012

Cosplay might not be the best way to get on Fonzie's good side.


Once upon a time, Happy Days‘ Fonzie taught the world the word “nerd” as a deep insult. A decade later, “geeks” became associated with “freaks.” Today, the geeks may be inheriting the earth in many ways and we now know Henry Winker, the man who played Fonzie, is a wonderful nerd himself, and yet there’s no shortage of anti-geek sentiment, no obvious end to the line of people who sneer and mock those whose interests and entertainments don’t match their own.

Decades after the Fonz, which TV shows today are the most anti-geeky and anti-nerdy?

Answers on Twitter:

  • @grebbs: any reality shows with over muscled gimps as the stars
  • ‏@j_hansson: Idol,Model,Brother,Bachelor…and similar “reality” crap.
  • @Arasoi: @Superherologist define geek/nerd please . As I can be a gaming geek tweaking about mmos or Farm nerd tweaking about cows.
  • @nicholasreed: @Superherologist Big Bang Theory. (Only half-joking.)
  • ‏@Knightscribe: Jersey Shore?
  • @Mike_Dolo: I’m convinced anyone who’s stared on Spartacus could bully The Big Bang boys, even the woman.
  • ‏@A_Mart_57: miss America pageant Haha
  • ‏@Zombieionism: um, that we be 99.9% of reality television. Kardumbians, etc. (Comic book men get a pass @thatkevinsmith)
  • ‏@SuperbadLarry: dude, clearly its C-S-I. Lol
  • @Petmorr: Hollyoaks
  • ‏@Henshaw85: #Shameless would scam #BigBangTheory out of their lunch money real quick.
  • ‏@verso: @ActionChick two and a half men. Or Hillbilly Handfishing.
  • ‏@qubitsu: ESPN Sportscenter
  • ‏@read_reid: Sons of Anarchy
  • ‏@phillyradiogeek: @Superherologist Any show with the initials UFC.
  • @MidLifeGeekBlog: Friday Night Lights
  • @GlennJSmith: that would be TMZ. maggots, as far as i’m concerned.
  • @rage_A: HAH probably “The Ultimate Fighter”. If ‘reality’ TV doesn’t count, then perhaps “Sons of Anarchy”.
  • @MisfitsTamara: Clearly it’s Dance Moms.
  • ‏@LauryPark: Two and a half men
  • @Jake_Nelson_UK: I think it’s changed–geeks & nerds are pretty proud & powerful now, & just about everyone will admit to some ‘geekiness.’
  • @JennieWhitwood: The Big Bang Theory? I love it, but none of the lead actors are really geeks – they don’t mock directly but it’s a bit odd.
  • @TheCharlieBoyd: American Idol, any teen sitcom (Disney or Nick shows), Unnecessary Roughness, Teen Wolf… low maturity demographic shows
  • @revsully: Madmen
  • @DannyMorrigan: Anyone in The Sons of Anarchy.
  • @aboynamedart: You mean #BBT isn’t a mockery?

Sheldon (Jim Parsons, left) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) must make their way through the city after a bully steals their pants in the pilot episode of The Big Bang Theory.


Tell us: Which television program do you think would beat up The Big Bang Theory and steal its lunch money?

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