Apple’s “The Song” Will Pull At Your Heartstrings

By December 15, 2014

Apple has always been on the forefront of flashy and cool ad campaigns that make you pick your head up and say “Whaaaa? I must HAVE that!”

Starting in 1984 with Ridley Scott’s groundbreaking Super Bowl ad, Apple has figured out the right ways to either get us to dance like crazy people to whatever’s playing on our iPods (while buying whatever song was featured on said commercial) to inexplicably camping out for days in order to get our hands on the latest device.

The other thing Apple is really, REALLY good at is poking holes in your tear ducts right around Christmas and this year is no different; I normally don’t show these but this one is really, REALLY good.

And it all starts with a song…

Happy holidays, everyone.

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Cricket Lee
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