‘Aquaman’ Standalone Film Finds a New Screenwriter

By November 13, 2015

Entering into their still young DC Cinematic Universe, there were a number of characters from the beginning that Warner Bros. was going to have a hard time adapting. Problem is that in their “grounded’ and “realistic” universe, a number of the iconic DC comic book characters like Wonder Woman would need to be intensified in some way, without completely destroying their mythology and origins. However, I don’t think any character presented the same level of difficulty as Aquaman.

The character has been on the receiving end of quite a lot of mockery over the past few years, and giving the character a worthy interpretation onscreen, where his films could work tonally with those of Batman or Suicide Squad must be a tough balance to find. But judging by the image of Jason Momoa Zack Snyder tweeted out a while back, they are on the right track to establishing his look and tone for the movie.

Now it looks like we are getting closer to the starting gate. The Hollywood Reporter has dropped news that David Leslie Johnson has been hired to write the script for Aquaman. James Wan is, of course, still on board to direct. Seeing as the movie is set to be released in 2018, there is some time to get the project just right. A good start is hiring an actual writer.

In THR’s report is also some interesting news on the development of the script which, interestingly enough, had two other writers writing two different scripts.

Per THR:

What is unclear is the extent of Johnson’s involvement. The project was being developed on dual tracks with writers Will Beall and Kurt Johnstad penning separate scripts. One source said that Johnson would be a third rail on the development track however several sources said Johnson is working with Wan to streamline the project. Warners had no comment.

Past credits for David Leslie Johnson include gigs at WB for Wrath of the Titans and Red Riding Hood. So it’s no wonder he will continue this working relationship on Aquaman. What I also find interesting is the suggestion that he is working personally with Wan to “streamline” the script. Which is also a no brainer when you consider Johnson was given re-write duties on The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist, Wan’s current directing gig. By this example alone, I believe Johnson is now the final writer on the project which will make targeting a start date a lot easier.

Aquaman will hit theatres on July 27th, 2018.

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