‘Aquaman’ Writer Says Not All of the Film’s Action Will Take Place Underwater

By August 16, 2016

As far as I’m concerned, DC’s solo films have more promise than Justice League does at this point, even despite that comforting trailer from SDCC earlier this year. With Wonder Woman promising to be (hopefully) the best DCEU film yet though, the interest surrounding 2018’s standalone Aquaman movie seems to be growing more and more now, with the film’s lead antagonist recently revealed and one of this generation’s best blockbuster filmmakers in James Wan behind the helm.

Now, with Wan himself already teasing the film’s unique visuals and it having the unique task of mostly taking place underwater, it’s possible the film could end up being DC’s most technically-proficient film to date as well.

While recently speaking with /Film though, one of the film’s screenwriters, Will Beall, said that fans shouldn’t expect all of the film’s action to take place underwater:

“I can tell you that not all of the action takes place underwater. Some of the most fun action in the movie actually takes place on dry land.”

When asked if any of the still-uncompleted script for the film was “in flux” depending on what happens in Justice League as well though, Beall said that everything is already figured out in terms of the two films’ stories:

“No, no, they know what’s happening. Everybody knows what’s happening so it’s not that. It’s working out what’s going to make the best movie.”

I imagined that with a character like Black Manta as the villain, not all of the fight scenes and action would be taking place solely underwater. However, I do hope that a majority of it is to be honest, since it’ll be the first time we ever really see something like that in a superman movie, and because of the unique visual tricks I can only imagine Wan is already cooking up in his head for the film.

With all of the focus on the film’s look and aesthetic so far though, here’s to hoping that the movie itself manages to balance both beautiful visuals and a solid story well, rather than favoring the surface elements over everything else, like some of DC’s other films have.

Aquaman is set to hit theatres on July 27th, 2018.

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