Are You Interested in Advertising on GeekNation?

If you have perused the site, you may have noticed that there is zero advertising, sponsorship or product endorsements. This is by choice.

Before launching our site in 2012, we made a calculated decision not to deface our site with a ton of cheap, flashy ads. We felt that if we were going to push a brand we wanted it to be desirable to our viewers.

Our choice was to respect the brands we endorse in a way that our viewers can appreciate them, not dizzy them with page ads making it difficult to differentiate content from an ad. Over time, viewers and consumers alike have grown to dislike and despise pay-per-click ads that currently consume the internet.

When you make the decision to advertise with GeekNation, know that your product is in good hands and that our viewers will respect the products that we have chosen to endorse.

Please notify our ad team if you are interested in GeekNation endorsing your event, company, product or brand to our MILLIONS of visitors. E-mail:

The GeekNation Team