‘Arrested Development’ Season Five Will Be Inspired by ‘Making a Murderer’

By January 8, 2016

This is news I can get behind.

Arguably, one of the most talked about pop culture phenomenons so far this year, or any other year really, is the Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer. If you haven’t seen the doc yet, pause here – run home – watch – come on back… I’ll wait.

Better? Okay, then.

Yes, I enjoyed the heck out of Making a Murderer; not really for the edge of your seat twists and turns from a crazy trial, more for the cast of characters in the doc itself (okay, the twists and turns from the trial were amazing as well!). So what happens when you take one part Making a Murderer and add it to season five of one of my favorite TV shows of all time, Arrested Development? Comedy gold.

From a report by Deadline, it looks like series creator Mitch Hurwitz is also a huge fan of Making a Murderer and has decided season five of the (now on Netflix) series is just perfect for inspiration.

The fifth season of the amazing series was never a forgone conclusion, the article suggests, because Mitch Hurwitz, on record, said the revival over on Netflix was in the hopes fans would bite, eventually setting up a feature film – a film I wanted desperately.  No mention came of the idea, which based on the newest batch of news, suits me just fine. It’s because Hurwitz and Netflix are hard at work on season five in the vein of Murderer. The possibilities, at least in my head, are endless and couldn’t fit more into the universe created by the show. No doubt one (or two, or three) or more Bluth’s could/would, find themselves accused of a crime (be it one they DID commit) and placed on trial under a watchful press. As I love the characters in Murderer the reason Development works so well is because of the characters. This premise has amazing potential.

The only roadblock for the new season is, reportedly, the schedules for all the main players. Real life always gets in the way of things like this and most of the cast went on to, obviously, big things. But when they all come back under one roof, as evidenced by the Season 4 Netflix revival, it’s amazing.

Meantime Hurwitz is doing his best to get everyone onboard. So we will keep you posted on when an update happens. And for those who love both Arrested Development and Making a Murderer… Is this not one of the best ideas for the series?

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  • David Johnson

    Never made it through the 1st Ep of MaM, But I’ll be waiting for Arrested Development to Drop!!!!!!