‘Arrow’ Creator Comments on Those Rumors of a ‘Constantine’ Return

By August 12, 2016

It’s been a bumpy, and frustrating road for Constantine fans, ever since the NBC series was cancelled after the first season. Hope seemed to stay alive at first when rumors of a possible CW pickup of the show began circulating online, and the character’s supporting appearance in an early episode of Arrow season 4 seemed to back those claims up as well.

However, nothing came out of the cameo other than a few more minutes of the beloved character onscreen again, brought to life by Matt Ryan’s unbelievably charismatic performance as Constantine. After months of not hearing anything though, it seemed like fans may have seen the last of Constantine on TV, until rumors of a possible revival came up once again when the entire short-lived first season was added to the CW’s streaming service, CW Seed.

According to some new comments from Greg Berlanti though, the creator of a number of the DC TV shows right now and the man fans basically have to thank for the state of the DC TV universe right now, it looks like those may have been false hopes as well. Speaking at the TCAs, Berlanti said the following about Constantine‘s future on the CW:

“We haven’t had any conversations with them about Constantine.”

He added that because “Constantine exists in a certain place in the DC world and universe,” he thinks that, “they’re kind of internally examining what they want to do with that character next,” so basically, there’s no talks about it happening right now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. If that comes as any kind of consolation.

Ryan is set to reprise his role as Constantine in DC’s animated Justice League Dark film later this year, so fans luckily haven’t seen the last of his turn as the character yet, though it seems like the likelihood of him returning as the character in live-action form, in his own series again seems to be dwindling more and more these days. Hopefully we’ll get to see him pop up in one of the other DC TV shows again, but for right now, it seems like the future of John Constantine’s role in the DC TV universe continues to be one of darkness and mystery.

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