‘Arrow’ Season 5 Resumes With Old, New Faces

By January 8, 2017

The mid-season finale of The CW’s Arrow left plenty of unanswered questions. Chief among them was the presence of Laurel Lance, seemingly resurrected (not that returning from the dead is out of the ordinary for characters on this series).

Executive producer Wendy Mericle isn’t ready to spoil the secret behind Laurel’s miraculous reappearance just yet, but in a recent chat with TVLine she teased some of the ramifications fans can expect from this unexpected return.

Seeing Laurel “is a very welcome surprise but there will be, whatever the reverse of a ‘silver lining’ is, when he finds out what’s really going on. It will have a lot of emotional resonance, particularly for him and Felicity.”

Speaking of Felicity, the tragic loss she suffered also will be a driving force behind her future actions. Fans can expect her to head toward “a darker place,” Mericle said, as the hit series resumes its fifth season this month.

Also back in the mix will be Diggle, fresh out of jail and with a renewed purpose – and possibly a new ally.

Diggle returns “with a much bigger drive, and not the same fatalism that he had earlier in the season. He’s going to come up against Colonel Walker (and) grow closer to Adrian Chase.”

But Arrow fans also can expect at least one new face for the second half of the season, with Lexa Doig joining the series as Talia al Ghul. Mericle promises she will play “a crucial part” in discovering the true identity of Prometheus, the villain who has been tormenting Oliver (Stephen Amell) for the bulk of this season.

Arrow returns to The CW Jan. 25.

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