‘Arrow’ Season 5 Villain is Someone That Oliver Created

By July 20, 2016

Arrow‘s lineup of villains have ranged everywhere from incredible (Deathstroke), misused (Ra’s Al Ghul), and even straight up silly (Damien Dahrk). There’s been a lot of mystery and noise surrounding the upcoming fifth season’s currently unknown baddie though, and as Oliver’s five year exile from Starling City comes to an end in the new season as well, seeing how Oliver’s journey finally becomes a closed circle could have a lot to do with the villain.

According to some new comments from showrunner Wendy Mericle though, it sounds like the new villain may be someone from Oliver’s past, who he may have created accidentally in the first season.

While speaking with TV Guide, Mericle says the villain is:

“Somebody Oliver unwittingly created in Season 1 when he was a killer in a hood. This guy is going to be collateral damage who lost someone to the Hood and [has] spent the last several years training and plotting for revenge. He will be a true dark mirror to Oliver Queen.”

Similar to the complete arc of Slade Wilson in the show, it sounds like Oliver’s past mistakes and sins may come back to haunt him in the new series, though without the flashbacks to provide a true emotional sense of their journeys together, I have to wonder whether or not the new villain’s impact will be as notable as Slade’s was. Then again, it’s hard to know for sure if any of Arrow‘s villains will be able to capture that same height moving forwards. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Arrow season 5 will premiere on Wednesday, October 5th on the CW.

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