‘Arrow’ Season 5 Won’t Wait Too Long to Bring Back Roy Harper

By August 3, 2016

Roy Harper’s departure from the show was one of the more disappointing and unexpected turns in Arrow history, especially considering it came during a moment when the show was entering into increasingly shaky ground as its third season came to a close. Actor Colton Haynes has talked about his reasons for leaving various times over the past few years, but it looks like he may be coming back just when Arrow needs him the most.

The upcoming fifth season was confirmed to be bringing Haynes back as Roy Harper for at least a few episodes a while back, though his role in the season’s overall story and the extent to which he would be returning was never made all that clear.

However, thanks to some new snapchats from none other than Mr. Terrific himself, Echo Kellum, it looks like Haynes is already on the show’s set, meaning the new season will be bringing Harper back fairly early on it looks like, sometime within the first few episodes at least.

Harper was a character that spent a majority of the first season frustrating fans more than he excited them, but as time progressed in the show and he eventually took on the mantra of Arsenal in the third season, Roy had turned into one of its strongest supporting players and helped to round out a fairly solid and substantial Team Arrow at the time.

Taking the events of season four into account though, it’s clear that the fifth season is going to pick up with the team at a fairly diminished time in their crime-fighting lives, after both Captain Lance and Laurel Lance have exited the picture in a way now. For a season that’s supposedly going to be taking the show back to its grittier roots though, and bringing a number of things full circle for Oliver now as it marks his fifth year anniversary returning to Star City, I think a reintroduction of some familiar faces could be just what Arrow needs to breathe some life back into it. Luckily, we won’t have to wait too long to see at least one of them return.

Arrow will return with its fifth season on Wednesday, October 5th on the CW.

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