At Live Read of ‘The Hateful Eight,’ Tarantino Announces Film Version Could Still Happen

By April 21, 2014

Like most of you reading this, I wasn’t able to get tickets to Quentin Tarantino’s Live Read of The Hateful Eight, but there’s some good news for those of us who weren’t able to witness the event firsthand last Saturday night: the movie version could still happen.

At the star-studded reading of Tarantino’s leaked screenplay (which featured Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Amber Tamblyn, Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Zoe Bell, Bruce Dern, Walton Goggins, and more), Deadline reports that the writer/director announced that the version fans would hear that evening is indeed the only time that particular version will be performed anywhere:

I’m working on a second draft and I will do a third draft, but we’re reading from the first draft. The Chapter 5 here will not be the Chapter 5 later, so this will be the only time it is seen ever.

Those rewrites are encouraging for fans who couldn’t afford the $200 price tag for the Live Read, because it indicates that the director has changed his mind about moving forward with the movie. When the script leaked early this year, Tarantino was so frustrated that he decided to abandon the project as a screenplay and potentially turn it into a novel before moving on to his next film idea. But it seems that time has calmed him down a little bit, and perhaps the reportedly great reaction the Live Read got from the L.A. crowd will spark the writer/director toward giving this project some more thought.

I’ve heard some talk that he might actually start filming his updated draft this winter, so the already-insane 2015 release calendar might have one more “event film” tossed into the mix if he can finish quickly. Remember, Tarantino went from pre-production to the final product in less than a year when he worked on Inglourious Basterds, so he’s no stranger to accelerated production schedules. It’s a very real possibility that we could see this play out on the big screen next year, and from the descriptions going around of what this story was like, I think we’re in for a big treat if that ends up coming true.

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