Audience Gets Scare at ‘Star Wars’ Screening When Theater is Evacuated

By December 18, 2015

It’s just the way the world is today. I hate to admit it but anymore when I go to a screening of a popular movie with a big crowd I’m definitely looking over my shoulder, more aware of my surroundings. More aware of that asshat standing in the corridor eating his popcorn instead of taking his seat.

Last night being the release of the biggest movie of the decade I think a lot of us were on alert. It sucks but the truth is some awful people have taken our movie-goer sanctuary feeling of safety away. Luckily it seems as if the screenings went off without any trouble last night but one theater in L.A. apparently got the scare of a lifetime.

According to KTLA News a packed audience was about to watch glorious Star Wars  when just as the previews ended and the movie began, a fire alarm went off.  Hundreds of people from the audiences at Pacific Theaters at the Grove Shopping Center in Fairfax (Mouthful eh?) had to actually be evacuated from the theater.

Police and Firefighters later arrived and determined there was no threat of any kind. The damage was done though after the movie goers were scared to death and rushed out of the theater. According to some of the people in attendance, they weren’t even told what the hell was going on.

Here’s hoping they were wearing their brown pants. (Thanks Deadpool)  Let’s all just be thankful that everyone ended up safely enjoying The Force Awakens. And for clean shorts. How was your experience at the screenings last night?



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Mike Holtz
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