‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Concept Art: Hulk vs. Hulk Buster, Scarlet Witch, and More

By March 19, 2014

Last night, ABC aired a special entitled “Marvel Studios: Assembling A Universe,” and, as promised, fans got a peek at Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and most importantly, Joss Whedon’s extremely-anticipated upcoming sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Marvel has released some screenshots and concept art for its various upcoming films, so follow along below and we’ll run through them one by one.

Ant-Man CA 1

As if you couldn’t tell, here’s a look at the tiny version of Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man. This is from the Comic-Con test footage from a couple of years ago, but seeing this picture takes me back to being in Hall H for that reveal and hearing the crowd go absolutely nuts for it.

Ant-Man CA 2

Again, this is just from that test footage, so I’m not sure it’ll be in the movie at all – perhaps as a prologue featuring a younger version of Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym instead of Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang? – but it’s a good look at Ant-Man mid-transformation.

Ant-Man CA 3

This is probably the lamest picture of the whole batch, but it’s exciting to think about how Ant-Man is going to interact with various environments he encounters throughout the movie, and with Edgar Wright’s distinct visual style, I can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be energetic, kinetic, and never boring.

Ant-Man CA 4

Who is behind that mask? This was the closing shot of the Comic-Con footage, as Ant-Man gets in an elevator after completely destroying a few guys in one of the most unique fight sequences I’ve ever witnessed. Wright is one of my favorite filmmakers, and I can’t wait to see what he does in the Marvel universe.

Guardians CA 1

Moving on to this year’s Guardians of the Galaxy, we have some concept art of Chris Pratt as Star-Lord. I just saw Pratt in person at last night’s PaleyFest event for “Parks and Recreation,” and thanks to the way he slimmed down for this movie, he looks like a freakin’ Hollywood movie star. When he walked out on stage, I actually said, “Wow, that’s a good looking son of a bitch” out loud. That doesn’t happen too often.

Guardians CA 2

Marvel knows what you want to see: Rocket Raccoon and Groot hanging out, screaming into oblivion. Guardians is going to be a weird-ass movie, and I’m still not sure how well it’ll connect with people outside the regular Marvel movie fandom, but for those of us who are into this stuff, this pairing is going to be legendary.


Getting into the brand new stuff, we have some concept art from Whedon’s Avengers: Age of Ultron that finally shows off what Scarlet Witch is going to look like. Elizabeth Olsen is a great up-and-coming actress, so I’m stoked to see how she and Whedon – who’s great at writing female characters – can collaborate to bring this character to life.


Now THIS is what Quicksilver is supposed to look like. It remains to be seen what kind of visual style Whedon will use to communicate Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s speed, but I’m guessing it’ll be a tad more impressive than what we saw in the “Smallville” days.


This one looks like that classic spinning-camera shot from the first Avengers film, but it only has Hulk and Black Widow back to back. Could that mean something? A romance, perhaps? We’ll see.


This is the one that has everyone online going nuts, and rightfully so: Hulk vs. Iron Man in his Hulk Buster suit? Bad. Ass.

Which of these Marvel projects are you most excited about? Let us know below!

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