‘Bad Boys 3’: Martin Lawrence Gives Update on the Film’s Development

By August 14, 2014

According to the last we heard about Bad Boys 3, Sony had hired Safe House writer David Guggenheim to pen the screenplay, but the studio hadn’t yet locked down stars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. Well, it appears that at least one of those guys is interested in coming back: Lawrence went on “Conan” last night and told the talk show host that the project is “real” and that he believes it will happen.

I believe so. Yes. I just talked to Jerry Bruckheimer yesterday and he said its real, they’re working on the script, they’re getting close and it all looks good.

I’ve seen a lot of people say that Lawrence has the most to gain from a third Bad Boys film, and that’s definitely true when it comes to the key players in the franchise (Lawrence, Will Smith, Michael Bay, and Jerry Bruckheimer). But the studio also stands to gain a lot, too, and the prospect of big box office returns can do crazy things to studio executives in this town. They’re clearly already interested in a movie if they’ve hired a screenwriter, so at this point, it just seems like it’s a matter of getting Smith to commit; if you only have one of the Bad Boys, it’s just not the same. They could definitely get away with making this without Michael Bay behind the camera even though Bay directed the first two, but it’s all about timing right now.

Bad Boys dudes

Is Bay going to end up directing Transformers 5? If so, he’s probably going to have to jump right into preproduction on that. If not, will he tackle another small passion project like Pain & Gain, or would he be willing to jump back into the Bad Boys director’s chair? Only he knows the answer to that question right now, but I can think of a ton of up-and-coming directors that would likely love the opportunity to get to direct Smith and Lawrence in a sequel, and I’m guessing Sony isn’t going to let Bay’s involvement be the one thing that stands in their way of making money. (The director is signed to a first-look deal with Paramount right now, so it may be tougher than normal to jump over to Sony to make this movie.)

Do you want to see a third Bad Boys film? It’s obvious that Martin Lawrence does, but do you think Will Smith does?

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