Barricade Returns in New Image From ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’

By June 10, 2016

Ever since the official title announcement several weeks ago, the news coming out of Transformers: The Last Knight has been fairly constant and steady, with new photos from the film’s production and announcements of new or returning characters as well. One of the film’s few returning human characters though, Josh Duhamel, has revealed a new image from the film as well today, that gives the bad cop decepticon, Barricade, a whole new look.

Similar to Bumblebee’s recently revealed, upgraded look in the film as well, Barricade will be coming back with a much more modern and updated version of his car persona, Duhamel revealed in a new Twitter post today.

Check out the tweet below:

While the film’s plot and story details are being kept under heavy wraps for the time being, it’s seeming more and more like it’ll be a fairly standard Autobots vs Decepticons story, with some possible other Transformers mythology shoved in for fans, with Megatron himself even returning in the film. At this point though, it’s clear the plot for these movies doesn’t matter, at all. In case that wasn’t already clear after we all saw Revenge of The Fallen.

Transformers: The Last Knight is set to hit theatres on June 23rd, 2017.

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    Based on the franchise’s history, I wouldn’t exclude the possibility that the plot details aren’t “under wraps”, but are actually still unknown to the filmmakers.