‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ First Official Clip is a Matter of Life and Death

By July 5, 2016

Batman: The Killing Joke is without a doubt, the most anticipated DC animated film released so far, and some could argue that the hype surrounding the adaptation is even higher than some of the live-action comic book movies being released this year. Considering the tentpole, genre-changing films that have been released and are still on their way in 2016 as well – that’s saying something.

Based on the controversial comic book of the same name, the animated film reunites Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy onscreen together again, with Hamill reprising his iconic role as The Joker and Conroy providing his iconic voice for The Dark Knight.

Ahead of its SDCC premiere in a few weeks as well, the latest episode of DC All Access has premiered a brand new clip from the upcoming film, which brings one of the comic’s most iconic scenes to life (skip to about 3:55 to see the clip):

The film received an official R-rating several months ago as well, due to its controversial, violent, and brutal nature, which will not only adapt the iconic story told in the original comic, but will also expand upon a number of the story’s elements and will provide a much-needed prologue for Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl before well… what happens to her in the story. With arguably, the two most iconic actors to play either The Joker or Batman lending their voices for the movie as well, I’d say that the anticipation surrounding Batman: The Killing Joke is well-deserved at this point.

Batman: The Killing Joke will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con this year, before being released on Digital HD, blu ray and DVD on July 23rd and August 2nd.

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