‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Movie Will Add a New Chapter to the Original Story

By April 17, 2016

At this point, the hype surrounding DC’s upcoming animated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke has gotten even bigger than there has been for some of the other live-action adaptations this year. Set to be a faithful retelling of the iconic, controversial comic book of the same name, the film started to gain quite a bit of attention from fans, I think the minute that it was confirmed Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy would be reprising their iconic roles as The Joker and Batman in it.

Following the recent announcement that the adaptation will be officially rated “R” as well – which had been teased previously – it looks like the animated adaptation may be adding an extra chapter to the story, to help give it even more heartbreak and traumatizing darkness. In case you thought The Killing Joke was lacking that in any way.

HitFix is reporting that the film will be adding a prologue to the story, that will apparently be 15 minutes long and will be all about Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl, telling her story in order to help give fans some much needed context and give the character some grounded weight in the story as well… which should just make her (SPOILER ALERT) shooting at the hands of The Joker, that much more terrifying and heartbreaking.

This could also be in response to some of the concerns that fans have had about the adaptation as well, who didn’t want the film to victimize and portray Barbara as just an object to be harmed, which some believe the original source material made her out to be. The 15 minute prologue should help to give her the kind of backstory that she had in the comics already, without having to spend too much time explaining her origins.

Considering how much controversy has always surrounded the comic’s treatment of Barbara Gordon as well, helping to make her a much more well-rounded, full fledged character could help to make this adaptation soar even higher than it’s already seeming to. With Hamill’s pitch-perfect Joker being brought to life in the film, going against Conroy’s iconic take on The Dark Knight as well, the retelling of what might be the only definitive version of The Joker’s origin is shaping up to be one of the most interesting comic book adaptations in years. Live-action or otherwise.

Batman: The Killing Joke will premiere later this year at San Diego Comic-Con.

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    OK were do I get tickets for the #SDCC Premiere??????? Will Melissa Gilbert be returning to voice Barbara/Batgirl?????