‘Batman v Superman’ Becomes 7th Highest-Grossing Comic Book Movie in the World

By May 3, 2016

The box office numbers surrounding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have been a hot topic for discussion and debate over the past few weeks, after the film initially opened well in its debut weekend, but began to experience a legitimate decrease in numbers in the weeks to follow, after mixed response from fans and downright panning from a majority of film critics in the industry.

However, it looks like the DC film has just solidified its place in the box office, comic book movie rankings, and it’s probably lower than what it should have been if we’re being honest.

As of right now, Batman v Superman is the seventh highest-grossing comic book movie worldwide, after grossing a box office cumulative of $862.9 million, not counting inflation with THR predicting that the movie could finish its theatrical run somewhere in the $875 million range. It should be noted as well that $325.1 million of that comes from the film’s North American ticket sales, putting it officially behind Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. Think about that for a minute.

Jeff Bock tells THR:

“Still, outside of Christopher Nolan‘s two Dark Knight movies, and Tim Burton‘s Batman films when you adjust for inflation, this is the highest-grossing property in DC’s bullpen thus far. It tops Man of Steel by more than $200 million. So yes, BvS successfully relaunched DC’s cinematic universe, but they are nowhere near Disney/Marvel in terms of critical reception and box office prowess. One can only hope that bigger and better is still on the way.”

In the US, the movie is only the eleventh highest-grossing comic book film, behind Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man 3, and while that certainly doesn’t mean the film has done poorly, financially in any way, it’s also not what you’d expect the film that unites Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman onscreen for the first time to do. So yeah, “bigger” and “better” are about the only words DC and Warner Bros. are probably thinking about at this point.

As mentioned previously, the film was absolutely ravaged by the critics in the week or so leading up to the film’s theatrical release, and it looks like the rumors of Warner Bros and DC experiencing concerns about the rest of their cinematic universe moving forwards are gaining more and more validity with every passing day. With many calling for director Zack Snyder to be removed from the already-announced Justice League films, we may begin to see the DCCU change drastically over the next few months, in response the underwhelming critical and financial reactions to Batman v Superman.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theatres everywhere now.

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