‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Adds Scoot McNairy

By June 26, 2014

OK, this is getting a little bit ridiculous now. The Wrap reports that Scoot McNairy has joined Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in a secret role, and I’m of two minds about it.

It’s good news because McNairy is a very strong actor. He’s been solid in everything from Argo (in which he co-starred with future Batman Ben Affleck) and Monsters to Non-Stop and Frank, bouncing back and forth between bigger films and low budget indies. He’s apparently doing well on the new AMC series “Halt and Catch Fire,” though I can’t speak to that because I haven’t seen that series myself. Any movie cast would be lucky to have him.

Scoot McNairy 2

But this isn’t good news for fans who were worried that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was already overcrowded. After all, it does feature Batman, Superman, Lois Lane, Martha Kent, Perry White, Cyborg, Lex Luthor, Alfred, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, plus three new characters created specifically for this movie that don’t exist in comics lore. So now McNairy is being added to the list, and considering he’s a talented guy who’s building his career as a really great character actor, it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll be an extra in the background. Could he be playing Jimmy Olsen? Or Robin? Or Nightwing? Yes – yes he could. Maybe things will become more clear at Comic-Con next month if Snyder brings the whole assembled cast out on stage in Hall H.

What do you think about McNairy joining the movie? Are you worried about the film, or do you think it’ll end up being Zack Snyder’s favorite word: “awesome”?

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