‘Batman v Superman’: Wonder Woman’s Costume Details & More

By June 23, 2014

Over the weekend, the folks at JoBlo claim that their sources have given them some exclusive information about Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so if you don’t want to be spoiled when it comes to what Wonder Woman might look like or what’s up with Batman in the movie, then avert your eyes. Keep in mind that A) this is pretty nerdy stuff that only absolute die-hard fans will care about, and B) none of this has been officially confirmed at this point, but we all suspect that we’ll see a clip from the movie at Comic-Con next month, so we probably don’t have to wait long to see if their sources are accurate.

Recently, a lot of movies sites have been running rumors that indicated Wonder Woman would be wearing the jacket and leggings outfit from the New 52 era when Gal Gadot plays her in this film, but JoBlo’s saying that’s inaccurate: reportedly she’ll be wearing a costume that’s “battle ready,” including a blue leather skirt, silver armored cuffs that reach to her elbows, golden tiara, and a variation of the classic red top, a look that’s “ripped right from the comics.” As far as weapons go, Wonder Woman (who will apparently be introduced as “Diana” in the movie and will team up with Batman and Superman in the film’s final battle) will be carrying a spear, a sword, a shield – which she’ll wear on her back like Captain America – and the golden lasso. Sounds like fans are gonna go nuts over this.

Batman Jim Lee

As for Batman, the site’s sources are relaying information that says that Affleck’s version of The Dark Knight will be a veteran crime fighter willing to do anything to get the job done, which conflicts with Superman’s more traditional rule-following personality. (Obviously. We didn’t need an inside source to tell us that.) Bruce Wayne will live on Wayne Manor, but not in the traditional mansion – this time, he’ll hole up in a modern-looking cottage by a lake that sits above a modernized Batcave, which is filled with not just the Batmobile that we’ve seen in that now-famous photo, but also a Batwing.

That’s all the interesting stuff from their report, and it all sounds plausible enough to me. I know Marvel is far and away the fanboy favorite in terms of movie universes right now, but I have a feeling fans (even those who despised Man of Steel) are going to be super hyped for this one when Snyder debuts some footage in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con.

What do you think about this potential info about Wonder Woman and Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

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