‘Captain America 3’ Will Face Off Against ‘Batman vs. Superman’

By March 13, 2014

Update: THR reports that Captain America 3 is the mystery Marvel film that will go up against Batman vs. Superman. Joe and Anthony Russo will return to direct the sequel. Original article follows.

The box office landscape is already just plain lousy with superhero movies, and the cramming of two major releases onto the same release date (in May! 2016!) only drives that point home. But is that date – May 6, 2016, as it were – big enough to accommodate both DC’s Batman vs. Superman and a still-unannounced Marvel Phase Three feature?

We’re going to find out. (You know, in a few years.)

Marvel first claimed the date back in June of 2013, locking it down for a currently-untitled Phase Three project (speculation has so far run towards Thor 3, Captain America 3, or Doctor Strange), before DC swooped in six months later to set the same date for its own highly anticipated Batman vs. Superman feature. It’s long been suspected that someone would back down and move their film to another date, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be Marvel, at least if Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is to be believed (and, given Feige’s track record, he is).


/Film asked Feige about the release date face-off at the Captain America: The Winter Solider junket this week, and Feige told them: “We’re certainly keeping the date there and we’ll announce what that movie is, I assume, in the next few months.” In a canny follow-up question, the outlet pried for more on that potential information release, asking if “the next few months” could mean the July-set Comic-Con, to which Feige responded, “That would be great, I’d love nothing more than to be able to announce them all there. But if it’s ready beforehand, we’ll probably do it beforehand. If it’s not ready then, we’ll do it after.”

Although this could certainly change – again, we’ve got two years until this apparent face-off, and even Feige doesn’t make all the decisions at Marvel, and it’s also possible that someone at Warner Bros. or DC could call for a change on their end – but it’s telling that Feige isn’t interesting in showing anything that could resemble weakness or deference to the competing line this early on.

Which Marvel film would you like to see on that date? And would you see both that and Batman vs. Superman on same day?

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Kate Erbland
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  • Andrew L Gonzalez

    Oh Yeah! My comic book can kick your comic book’s ass! I would’t sweat it Marvel. They have outsold DC on every front anyway.

  • Tony C Farfan

    Hell yeah I’d see em both. Can you imagine a better double feature. Instead of Batman Vs. Superman how about Marvel vs. DC.

  • Timothy W Williams

    The only chops that Marvel could put up against them on that date would be Phase Three. The others won’t command any pull.

  • Harold M Cauthen

    I’ll go with DC on this one. Supes and Batman have way more drag! Marvel is great but not much main stream appeal.

  • Carter J Hock

    Marvel will kill it! Their character line-up is ten times deeper than DC. DC just happens to have the two most mainstream.

  • John A Casey

    Yeah! Go Marvel or go home! They have always possessed the most marketable characters but not necessarily the most well known.