BBC Releases Two New ‘Doctor Who’ Anniversary Trailers

By November 11, 2013

day of the doctor_doctor who_1

Let the countdown begin!

With less than two weeks to go, the BBC has finally released the much anticipated trailers of Doctor’s Who’s 50th anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor.”

Watch the two new trailers here:

So, what can we look forward to on November 23rd, when the episode is simulcast worldwide?

Battleships, explosions, Daleks on fire, Time Lords marching, and the Citadel burning can only mean one thing: a glimpse into the heart of the Time War itself.

day of the doctor_doctor who_2

Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler shippers may be disappointed to note a lack of scenes between the two in the trailer. Originally, many fans speculated that their return meant a series two Ten and Rose. With Queen Elizabeth being described as the Tenth Doctor’s romantic interest, however, it seems likely that, chronologically, it takes place much later, between “The Waters of Mars” and “The End of Time,” during which Ten married the Virgin Queen.

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But never fear, Rose lovers: Bad Wolf is back in a big way. And those who wish to see Rose in the same room as any and all Doctors will be pleased to note the interaction between her and John Hurt’s character. With Rose warning the Lost Doctor that “the moment is coming,” will Bad Wolf be instrumental in the destruction of Gallifrey and the end of the Time War?

day of the doctor_doctor who_4

And, there’s still a possibility that Rose may interact with the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor as well. Though there are clips of her shown specifically with John Hurt, others are left ambiguous, including an adorable wave to someone not pictured.

day of the doctor_doctor who_6

Clara and Eleven have some cute interactions as well, including a high five and a twirl in the TARDIS. Another scene shows Clara hitting a wrist device (a Vortex Manipulator, perhaps?) and disappearing in a crackle of electrical energy.

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Snippets of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors show an outstanding chemistry between the pair. The two Doctors “ooh” in tandem at their glasses-clad appearance, compare sonic screwdrivers, and share a few mannerisms in common. Still, their meeting isn’t all sunshine; Ten doesn’t like the new TARDIS decor, and Eleven snaps at his predecessor in a more serious scene.

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Whovians will also swoon at the triple threat briefly pictured: a slow-motion clip of all three featured Doctors walking side by side.

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And then there are those unanswered questions. What brings all three Doctors together? What do the Zygons have to do with everything? And why do there appear to be two Kate Stewarts?

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“The Day of the Doctor” airs Saturday, November 23rd at 2:50 pm EST/11:50 pm PST.