BBC Series ‘Luther’ Being Remade on Fox

By November 18, 2014

Idris Elba’s highly acclaimed BBC crime drama series “Luther” is the latest property to head across the pond for a U.S. remake. Deadline reports that series creator Neil Cross will write and executive produce a new pilot for Fox, so that’s good news for fans of the original show who are interested in checking out the new version. Elba will also executive produce, but no actor has been named yet to take over his lead role.

“Luther” ran for three seasons on the BBC and followed an intense, no-nonsense detective who’s brilliant at his job but not without his share of psychological issues. Though the decision was made not to move ahead with a fourth season (or “series,” as the Brits call them), Cross and Elba have both talked up the idea of making a feature film, with Cross going as far as writing a prequel script in which the final scene of the movie is the first scene of the pilot for the original show. That sounds like a cool concept, but it could be a bit confusing for people if there’s a new “Luther” on the air in the States at the same time the film comes out.


I’d obviously prefer it if American audiences could just seek out the original series and the networks could move on to new and original properties, but that’s a naive thing to hope for in the current entertainment landscape, so if this must happen, at least it’s happening with some of the key players from the original coming back behind the scenes. Adaptations of British dramas haven’t always been successful (remember “Low Winter Sun”?), but if nothing else, maybe this will turn more people toward Elba’s well-received incarnation of the show.

Would you watch an American “Luther” TV show?

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