Ben Affleck Cast As Batman, Fans Quickly Create Petition(s) To Remove Him

By August 23, 2013

Yesterday evening, Warner Bros. made the announcement that two-time Oscar winner Ben Affleck will wear the cape and cowl as Batman in the upcoming Man Of Steel sequel.

And right then, the entire internet turned into this:


Not even kidding.

According to Fizziology (via Variety), 96,088 tweets were posted in the first hour and with an average of 39,225 tweets an hour, there have been 509,922 tweets made about Batfleck in the last TWELVE HOURS with a 71% toward the negative, 15% positive and 14% on the fence.

I honestly expected this kind of reaction but what I DIDN’T expect (though I guess I should’ve) was incensed fanboys using, a petition site MEANT for doing more good on the side of human rights and political stuffs, as a platform to create no less than THIRTY petitions (INCLUDING turning to the POTUS for help) to have Warner Bros. rescind the Batfleck casting.

Really, guys (and possibly girls, but mostly guys)? I can literally think of other, MORE IMPORTANT things (Chelsea Manning, Egypt) that deserve our attention and signing power yet lately I’ve been seeing it used for the dumbest crap like petitioning to have SyFy’s “Heroes Of Cosplay” cancelled and this current bullshiz.

All of you need to throttle down. Okay, so Affleck as Daredevil was slightly disastrous but he was an AMAZING George Reeves/Superman in Hollywoodland and I can think of other dudes who, when announced they were playing certain iconic characters, were met with vitriol from the masses (myself included).

Let’s review…

Remember when Heath Ledger was cast as The Joker and the world lost their minds that this “teen idol” was about to play one of the most dangerous villains ever put to ink and paper opposite Christian Bale’s Batman (another source of ire when HIS casting was announced) in The Dark Knight? We ALL swallowed a lot of crow when Ledger RAN AWAY with the film and sadly passed before collecting his WELL deserved Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for said role.

Then there’s Daniel Craig as James Bond. Growing up watching Bond films (some in theaters the year they were released), the template of Bond as a brunette was something I’d grown accustomed to…so the thought of a blonde 007 stirred up the “WTF”  in me with a quickness. But after (reluctantly) watching Casino Royale, I ate the crow and admitted he was a great choice to usher in the new era of Bond.

Or we can even go more recently with Henry Cavill cast as Superman in Man Of Steel. Again, my “WTF” alarm went off and I was peeved beyond belief but I knew I couldn’t pass judgment until I actually saw him as Clark Kent/Superman (which I loved) in a movie I really did NOT enjoy but still loved Cavill. What cracks me up about this is in my mind (and a lot of others) Brandon Routh was a perfect Superman in a really subpar film (Superman Returns) yet unlike Cavill, fanboys/girls blamed Routh for the film’s failure…which I find HILARIOUS and STUPID.

My point is this:

Michael Keaton is, was, and always will BE Batman (on film) for me; remember how much crap Keaton got when HIS name was announced and how many of you had to hat-in-hand admit that Keaton was awesome? YEAH.

Let’s face it: ANY name that gets thrown out there as Batman, someone’s gonna hate that choice and with the advent and immediacy of Twitter/Facebook, we get to read and voice our feelings faster than ever.

Filing petitions for this is just DUMB, y’all. STFU and wait till the film comes out; if Affleck is a Clooney-esque Batnightmare, I will be the first to approach you with hat-in-hand to say “I was wrong, you were right.”

But as’s Mark Potts pointed out on Twitter, “(Christopher) Nolan had a say in Affleck. I trust Nolan. Ergo, I trust Affleck.” If HE can, why can’t you?

To those who’ve filed these RIDICULOUS, time wasting petitions – get a LIFE, people…you’re making us ALL look bad.


In other words – suck it up, buttercup.

There, I said it.

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