Ben Affleck Reveals the Advice Christian Bale and George Clooney Gave Him For ‘Batman v Superman’

By February 17, 2016

To say that there has been an air of skepticism around Ben Affleck’s Batman ever since he was cast, would be an understatement. Perhaps one of the most criticized casting decisions in film history, it seems like fans are beginning to give both the actor and the film itself a bit of a chance going into its theatrical release next month, but it seems like a majority of die hard fans will be going into this one with a much more hopefully optimistic attitude than outright excitement.

Part of Affleck’s problem though, is that he’s following up a fairly large and legendary lineage of great actors that have already played the role onscreen, specifically in Christian Bale’s most recent interpretation of the character.

While recently speaking on Good Morning America though, Affleck shared the “sage” advice he received from former Dark Knights, George Clooney and Christian Bale. At least, he shared one of theirs, since apparently the other cannot be repeated. Check out the clip below:

Well, I guess if he was going to get advice from Christian Bale, this was going to be it. In fairness, Affleck’s version seems like an entirely new iteration than we’ve seen onscreen before, older and frankly, angrier. In almost an irrational sense. Partnering him with the much more sarcastic Alfred, played by Jeremy Irons, and it looks like Zack Snyder and co. are at least going in head first with their interpretations of their DC characters. Whether or not this courage pays off though, is yet to be seen. You can watch the full interview with Affleck and Henry Cavill here.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is set to hit theatres on March 25th.

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