Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy on Marvel’s Wishlist for ‘Doctor Strange’

By June 6, 2014

You guys know how this works by now. A movie is announced, a studio’s wishlist surfaces with a bunch of names of great in-demand actors on it, and eventually someone is cast in the lead. We’re now at step two of this process with Marvel’s Doctor Strange, as Deadline reports that Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy are on the studio’s wishlist to star as Stephen Strange for director Scott Derrickson.


The outlet claims that Hardy is “closer” to scoring the lead because of his work in The Dark Knight Rises, but I’m fairly certain that’s just the reporter’s opinion and not any certainty at this point. In fact, I’d wager that nothing regarding this cast is certain at this point, since this is basically just a really early list from Marvel of who they’d like to see as their lead in this film. Of course these names are going to be on it. Johnny Depp was also in talks at one point, and they reportedly wanted Joseph Gordon-Levitt, too. It isn’t exactly news that Marvel would want a really talented guy to take this part.

I’m guessing we’ll hear more about this in the coming weeks, with the decision likely to be made before Comic-Con so Marvel can trot out their new hire in Hall H. We’ll have more for you when it becomes available.

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  • Erik Redin

    I think both of them would be solid choices, but I’d really like to see Pedro Pascal (Oberyn from GoT) in the role. It’ll never happen, but I think he’d be tremendous.