Ben’s Favorite Films of 2013

By December 25, 2013

Captain Phillips 1

The lists continue as we roll toward the new year, and in this article, I’ll try to make the case for some of my favorite movies of 2013. Before we start, however, I do need to point out that there are a few December releases I haven’t seen yet. I was on vacation earlier in the month and I missed almost every press screening of the biggest films of December, so you won’t see American Hustle, Her, The Wolf of Wall Street, or Inside Llewyn Davis on this list because I haven’t had a chance to catch up with them yet. After I do finally make time to see these movies, I might do an updated list next month (January is a traditionally horrible time for new releases anyway, so we’d probably be doing ourselves a favor by taking a moment to look back on this year’s content).

This is my last post before taking off for Christmas, and because it’s a holiday week, I’m not even going to justify my choices. I’ve written plenty about all of these movies over the course of the year here at GeekNation, and I’ll link to our full reviews when applicable. They’re my personal favorite movies of the year, and if you’d like to chat with me about them, please feel free to hit me up in the comments or on Twitter at @benpears. I’d love to know what you think. But enough with the preamble…let’s get to it!

Iron Man 3


Pain & Gain

Spring Breakers

Before Midnight

The Kings of Summer

This is the End

The Way Way Back

Man of Steel

The Conjuring

About Time


Captain Phillips

12 Years A Slave


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