Bethesda Softworks Reveals ‘Fallout 4’

By June 3, 2015

In 1997, Interplay Entertainment released the first installment of Fallout: an action RPG taking place in the 22nd century in the wasteland of a devastating nuclear war. Since then, the series has released two additional main entries as well as a handful of spin-offs, and is regarded as one of the most engaging and immersive game series in existence. Rumors have abounded for much of the last five years over whether or not a fourth main installment would be released in the near future, and today, we finally have the answer: it is indeed.

Today, Bethesda Softworks — developers of the universally acclaimed Fallout 3 — announced that they are developing Fallout 4 by releasing a new and interesting trailer. See it below.

Set in Boston (as evidenced by many landmarks that appear in the trailer), Fallout 4 is confirmed to be arriving for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. No version will be released for last gen systems like the Xbox 360 or PS3, which is positive insofar as the development team will not be limited by the technical constraints of aging hardware (this November will mark the 10th birthday of the Xbox 360). Over the years, a number of hoaxes and rumors have been teasing fans who have been hoping to learn more about the arrival of a fourth main Fallout game, with the last major official word from Bethesda on their next game announcement being that they thought it wouldn’t “come for a while.” That was in February 2014.

Fallout 3 received near-universal acclaim from critics when it was released in October of 2008. It was the recipient of several “game of the year” awards, and maintains an impressive Metacritic score of 93/100. It’s a tall order to try and follow-up on the success of a game like that, but if any developer has what it takes to do just that, it’s Bethesda.

No release information is as-yet available, but keep it locked on GeekNation for any further developments on Fallout 4!

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Chris Clow
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  • lily

    woo, i thought something like this was gonna go down since when I checked their site the other day it was just a timer counting down to something, can’t FU***ng wait for FO4!! 😀 😀

  • David Black

    Gonna be the best game of the decade? I think so..

  • USAjoe

    Bring it on! Too excited already!!

  • Andy Spears

    oh yes!! they are not giving too much away in the trailer but I can tell its gonna be so damn good